Join us virtually on November 21st for our latest fundraiser in support of Misión Claridad and learn how to cook this delicious Thai street food from one of Edmonton's top Executive Chefs.

About Misión Claridad

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Medical experts estimate that 50% of the world’s population develop cataracts by the age of 65. But there is a cure: surgery. In Canada, that surgery is free. In Ecuador, it’s not, putting it out of the reach of far too many.
Misión Claridad (Mission Clarity) will provide free cataract surgery to Ecuadoreans who can’t afford it and whose lives and livelihoods are profoundly impacted by their blindness or vision impairment due to cataracts. The mission will also raise awareness of what cataracts are, the risk factors that predispose individuals to cataracts, and how several of those risk factors can be minimized.
Vision loss affects one’s quality of life and puts a social, emotional, and economic burden on the individual and those who provide support to that individual. Sight matters! Funds raised through this raffle will help purchase the supplies, equipment, and medications needed to give the gift of sight.  
How to donate to “The Rotary Foundation (Canada)” for Misión Claridad (Mission Clarity)
Cataract surgery and education project that will take place in Ecuador for 2021:
  1. Go to “The Rotary Foundation Canada“ website at
  2. In the blue menu bar near the top, click on “Make a Donation.” You will be taken to the main Rotary donation site.
  3. Right underneath the heading “Choose what you would like to support,” click on the tab “Global Grants.”
  4. In the box “Seven-digit grant number,” enter: 2015311 and then hit “SEARCH.”
  5. Immediately after hitting “SEARCH,” you will see the project name Misión Claridad and the project financial goal that we need to raise through donations.
  6. Then enter all of the “Donation” information in the boxes and hit “Continue as Guest” (unless you happen to be a Rotarian, in which case you can hit “Sign In” and process through that route).
  7. Then complete the “Personal Information,” the “Payment Details,” and the “Billing Address.” These are the common fields you must fill in when making any donation/payment online. Then hit “SUBMIT.”
  8. Your payment will be processed, you will see a confirmation of donation page, and you will immediately receive an email confirming your donation.
Note: The Rotary Foundation (Canada) is a registered charity. Therefore, if you are a resident of Canada, you will, within 3-4 weeks, receive a charitable receipt via email that you can use for income tax purposes.