"Giving a Future to Vulnerable Children and Rural Women and Youth"
April 2023 marked the launch of an impactful initiative, "Giving a Future to Vulnerable Children and Rural Women and Youth," led by the Rotary Club of Moshi in Tanzania, in partnership with the Rotary Club of YEG Passport in Canada. This venture, funded through a Global Grant, is a testament to the effectiveness of community-driven development, fully conceptualized by the communities in Tanzania.

This initiative aligns with evidence-based strategies, which emphasize that projects rooted in local understanding and directed by community leaders are more likely to succeed. Such approaches ensure culturally relevant and sustainable solutions, tailored to address local challenges. The project exemplifies this strategy, aiming for lasting impact by empowering local communities in Tanzania. Contrary to a common narrative, this endeavor was not conceptualized by the YEG Passport Club in Canada. Instead, it emerged from the heart of Tanzanian communities, embodying the YEG Passport Club's principle of empowering local communities and leaders to drive change. The Rotary Club of Moshi, in collaboration with international partners, has been instrumental in translating this vision into reality.

Progress is evident with the completion of livestock shelters and the collaboration with the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology and the Livestock Training Agency to set up training programs. These programs, which are expected to start in early 2024, focus on practical skills in horticulture, farming, and livestock care for women and youth, targeting economic independence and reducing gender disparity.

Sustainability is integral to this project, with initiatives like vegetable gardens and livestock rearing aimed at enhancing food security and community productivity.

The project's significance was further highlighted by the visit of District Governor Mustafa Mohamed of District 9214 (Tanzania and Uganda), who traveled from Uganda to officially inaugurate the project. His presence underscored the regional support and the collaborative spirit necessary for sustainable development.

Generous support from donors, including the Rotary Club of Canmore, Rotary District 9999 in New Zealand, and Rotary International, along with the foundational support from the Rotary Club of Moshi and the Rotary Club of YEG Passport in Canada, has been pivotal. "Giving a Future to Vulnerable Children and Rural Women and Youth" stands as a beacon of community-led development and international cooperation, showcasing how such synergies can foster meaningful and lasting change.