Sinkunia Community Development Organization  

Sinkunia Community Development Organization (SCDO) is a registered non-profit organization that has been in existence in Edmonton, Alberta since November 2007. Their focus is helping new African immigrants-especially youth- to get accustomed to life in Canada, and to partner with like-minded organizations offering complementary services to their clients. The goal of this organization is to help African immigrant families develop their talents and capacities to participate fully and equitably in Canadian life, through grassroots initiatives.
On July 9th, Sinkunia was honoured by a visit from Jennifer Jones, the new Rotary International President who was making a cross-Canada tour. She is the first woman and a Canadian in that role. She selected Sinkunia as one of her 13 stops.

The Sinkunia Community Development Organization (SCDO) is working in solidarity with two local Rotary Clubs, YEG Passport Rotary Club and Edmonton Northease Rotary Club. Rotary members are sharing their networks, resources, and vocational skills, including grant writing.

Rotary was keen to work with Sinkunia as the community development organization empowers youth by uplifting their cultural strengths in many positive and creative ways.

Sinkunia received a $25K grant from the National Canada Healthy Communities Initiative to create a safe and vibrant public space. The Bosco Foundation granted access to a fertile piece of land on the North Side of the St. Francs Centre at 6770-129 Avenue. They also leveraged a $20K Neighbourhood Revitalization Grant from the City of Edmonton.

Fast forward, a year later, Sinkunia youth designed and created a great outdoor gardening and gathering space, while offering an exceptional program with youth all along. The youth did most of the work.

During their cultural camp, youth created “Peace Poles”, as a symbol of peace-building, even at the neighbourhood level. These were raised on July 9th during the visit of the president. A lively Marimba music from the Sihle-Sizwe Vineyard Organization greeted President Jones and others who joined in. The delicious Sinkunia’s wonderful African food and a fashion show were some of the highlights.

Sinkunia Board Chair, Funke Smith extended a beautiful welcome to Rotary the many distinguished guests and families. She also shared the word Ubuntu, which was experienced by those in attendance. Fatmata Kanu received a Rotary scholarship.

Sinkunia’s exceptional emergency food response during the peak of COVID, they brought hope to many. Executive Director Issa Kamara wants to bring more people into the Sinkunia family in the neighbourhood. Rotarians will follow his lead.

Our Approach

Our club evaluates the projects we support by some key principles, always with the underlying goal of supporting community leaders. We believe the solutions to the challenges communities face already exist in these communities, and so our work aims to support communities to be leaders in the initiatives they envision for their communities. 

Our approach follows best practice humanitarian principles. Supporting leaders in their communities increases impact and capacity. 

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