What is Passport?
YEG Passport Rotary members are people in the greater Edmonton region who want to make a difference in their community in a way that fits within their time, talent and finances, as well as with their family, work and life commitments.
To do this, our club only holds monthly meetings, instead of weekly. Our members are encouraged to serve in Rotary's Five Avenues of Service for our club and in partnership with other clubs in our district and the world. The founding principle of the YEG Passport Rotary Club is to make Rotary fit your life.
YEG Passport Rotarians are full Rotary members, with the same privileges and rights as Rotarians in traditional clubs.
Membership in our club provides you with a passport to visit and work with any other Rotary Club in the world and to take part in activities, programs and projects that interest and engage you.
This Club is designed for former Rotary members, those graduating from Rotaract looking to continue their involvement in Rotary, and others who find a traditional club just doesn't fit their life. We meet on the last Wednesday of each month at various Edmonton area food and drink establishments (see our calendar). Guests are always welcome (RSVP for a meeting).
We are now a newly chartered Rotary club (club #90120) and are looking to grow into the new 2019-2020 Rotary year.
Why Rotary?
Rotary International is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers, taking action to solve the world's problems, improve our local communities, empower and educate youth, all while making connections in the local community and the greater world.
You can't do this on your own.
Core to the success of Rotary International, this club, and all of our members, is participation in Rotary's Five Avenues of Service:

Club Service

We want to get together as a group monthly, exchange ideas and stories, network, and plan on how we'll tackle the other four avenues of service. To do this we need a functioning club with active volunteers to manage it.

Vocational Service

Vocational service is all about sharing your vocation and skillsets, whether you can provide some valuable pro bono work, mentorship, or just want to give an interesting "TED Talk" to a room of fellow Rotarians. It's also about improving yourself in your chosen vocation through stronger ethical practices, networking, and menteeship. 

Community Service

We aim to make Edmonton a better place through our own local service initiatives and in partnership with other Edmonton area Rotary clubs.

International Service

Rotary's greatest strength is our international connections. When you're a member you can literally travel anywhere in the world and find a Rotary club to visit and make new friends. This means there are also Rotary clubs everywhere around the world who are more than willing to partner on international projects.

Youth Services

We help create the young leaders of tomorrow through our partnerships with Interact and Rotaract clubs as well as other district youth service initiatives.
Find out more about Rotary International and all of our causes at www.rotary.org