Posted by Markus Muhs on May 09, 2019
Welcome to the YEG Passport Rotary Club, a bold new concept in the world of Rotary, and a first in Alberta. I just wanted to give visitors of this website a quick update on our progress...
We're well on our way to being chartered before the 2019-2020 Rotary year, to become Alberta's first Passport Rotary Club. Passport is a new concept, already in place in a few corners of North America, and I believe in time it will spread like wildfire. Rotary has evolved a lot over the past 100 and some years, and in my eyes this is Rotary 2.0.
Since Assistant Governor Marilyn Mucha spearheaded the idea, with the first information session in January, we've made tremendous progress. All thanks to finding a group of really motivated volunteers -- some existing Rotarians, some new Rotarians -- who want to make this thing happen.
To date we have 20 people who have applied and been vetted to become charter members of this club and are ready to submit our charter application to Rotary International. What's really encouraging is that this crowd is made up of only 4 or 5 current Rotarians (several of whom have been leaving Rotary due to costs or time commitments), 4 or 5 returning Rotarians (several after long absences), and the remainder are people totally new to Rotary. This is exactly the type of membership we're targeting with this initiative: we hope to be a way to retain Rotarians (especially younger, busier ones), welcome back former Rotarians, and also be a new platform to spread the Rotary message and gain new members.
Our membership thus far is also incredibly diverse demographically. For one, don't have the preconception that Rotary is just a bunch of old guys, or that this particular club is targeted to only younger members; our membership thus far is all over the map, with my guess being about half of us are over the age of 40, half under. Our gender-split is pretty much 50/50.
While we're more than happy to welcome more members (interested? hit the contact link at the top of the page!) there's still some additional work going on behind the scenes. We're working on our bylaws and constitution and getting registered as a society in Alberta. We're already planning our involvement in projects next month and establishing our own Community and International Service Committees. I myself and prepping for my trip to Hamburg for the Rotary International conference in June, where I hope to represent this new club and meet with the other half-dozen or so Passport club Presidents, and maybe share our experiences with other Rotarians around the world.
We managed to get most of our pending membership together at an event that the Whyte Ave Club was hosting at Polar Park Brewing on April 30th and held our first board meeting, where we selected and elected members to fill the various roles in our club before we charter. I'm honored to have been selected to serve as the club's inaugural President from whenever we end up being chartered to the end of the 2019-2020 Rotary year. I hope to share my 5 years experience as a Rotarian and former Board Member of the Edmonton Rotary Club, and my Rotary Leadership Institute training, as we get this thing off the ground. We also selected Gord Sheppard to be our first President-Elect (serving as President in 2020-2021); a new Rotarian with tremendous leadership and organizational skills who will serve the club well as it grows and flourishes in its first few years.
We're planning our next info meeting for May 29th. Location and exact time to be determined. Come back in here in the future or add yourself to our mailing list to be kept up to date.
Markus Muhs
President-Designate (once we're chartered)
Rotary Club of YEG Passport