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We are PEOPLE OF ACTION doing good, in Edmonton and abroad.

YEG Passport is a new type of Rotary Club for busy people who want to make positive changes in our community and the world. Instead of meeting weekly, we connect twice monthly over Zoom and in person. All our members are encouraged to serve in all 5 areas of Rotary service and to reach out and connect with other Rotarians around the world. 
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Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Medical experts estimate that 50% of the world’s population develop cataracts by the age of 65. But there is a cure: surgery. In Canada, that surgery is free. In Ecuador, it’s not, putting it out of the reach of far too many.
Misión Claridad (Mission Clarity) will provide free cataract surgery to Ecuadoreans who can’t afford it and whose lives and livelihoods are profoundly impacted by their blindness or vision impairment due to cataracts. The mission will also raise awareness of what cataracts are, the risk factors that predispose individuals to cataracts, and how several of those risk factors can be minimized.
Vision loss affects one’s quality of life and puts a social, emotional, and economic burden on the individual and those who provide support to that individual. Sight matters! Funds raised through this raffle will help purchase the supplies, equipment, and medications needed to give the gift of sight.  
To raise money we are holding a 50/50 raffle. Get your tickets before it's too late! Ticket sales end August 17th, and draw will be held on August 23rd, 2020.
Thanks to a successful partnership with Odd Company Brewing in Oliver Exchange in Edmonton, YEG Passport Rotary club held a first ever " Pints for Polio" event on Oct. 30, 2019 to raise awareness and funds for Rotary International's global polio eradication campaign.  With only Afganistan and Pakistan remaining endemic, all funds raised by Rotarians are matched 2 to 1 by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to reach the most difficult areas of these countries and to rid the world of this deadly and crippling disease.
Pictured are Len Chanasyk and spouse Marilyn Mucha ( Assistant Governor to YEG Passport club), members Ashley Meek, Wayne McCutcheon, President Markus Muhs  and President Elect Gord Sheppard.  Many other members and their guests enjoyed some excellent local craft beer and snacks.  Huge thank you to Odd Company  and co-owner Brett Loree for sharing proceeds from all beer purchased towards the cause and to Wayne for organizing the super event.
A former Rotaract club of Agbora, Nigeria President in 2002-3, Femi Fasinu was inducted a new member of YEG Passport club on November 13, 2019 by District Governor Tracey Vavrek.  Femi is trained in Health leadership and works as a social worker.  His previous Rotary involvement and work in Nigeria with led him to be engaged with the UN Population Fund as a youth advocate.  He was also has a background in youth development, especially in reproductive health, HIV/AIDS awareness and cure research. 
Femi is a keen volunteer and presently in the process of bringing his wife and three daughters to come to Edmonton.  
Building housing for the needy -YEG Passport Rotary club makes a difference
On August 7, 2019 a team from YEG Passport including Kathy Hawkesworth, Anne McAthey, Wayne McCutcheon, Andre Peters and Joy Pfannmuller convened at Carter Place 2216 24 St. for a day of home building with Habitat for Humanity.
The volunteering was from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. starting with the site supervisor giving a briefing on the safety features that we had to follow at the construction site and the importance of wearing our safety gear like Hard Hats, Gloves, Steel Toed Boots and safety glasses. We were introduced to the construction crew and who would be in charge of our group. Our group was divided in two; one group was digging up some window wells and to reinstall them, the other group was involved in landscaping activities. In between our shifts we had two coffee breaks and a lunch break provided by Habitat For Humanity  which gave us a good time to socialize with the other volunteers and the construction crew. On the whole, we had a great time even though it involved a lot of manual work and it was a pretty hot day. 
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